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Spring arrives with the almond blossoms, white or pink - with a strong sweet scent and soft beauty.  Nights may be cold and days are quite often sunny and mild. Later in spring some rain fall may occur and the fields will turn into fields of red, yellow, blue and pink wild flowers.


Summer most often arrives by late May and is warm and dry. Also because of the altitude you will find the temperature “muy agradable” -  very pleasant, this is due to the low moisture in the air. In summer you will find the grasses turning golden, the contrast between the (almost) ever blue skies and the golden fields is beautiful, and the sense of space comes to full expression. The evenings and nights are warm allowing you to stay outside until the early hours. Although warm, the nights are never heavy and never feel clammy like they do in coastal regions.  By the end of summer the almonds are ready to be picked. Sometimes with big “tree shakers” sometimes by hand, the almonds are harvested. If you would like to experience the almond picking, to spend 1 or more days in the field,  helping picking - inquire at your place of stay for possibilities.


Autumn does not come until late October as the temperature slowly drops, the days being nice and warm and the nights turning cooler.  The vine leaves turning beautiful autumn colours - yellow, brown and red. An occasional rainfall may bring to life the rich fragrances of the plants and herbs that have lain dormant all through the summer. The fall rains in general never last longer then 4 days on end - always clearing quickly for another streak of blue skies and nice weather.


Winter - although on the calender it starts on the 21st of December,  it really does not set in until after Christmas. At midday the temperture may still be around 18C or even higher but it drops   early in the afternoon and may fall below zero at nighttime.  Snow may fall  making for beautiful landscapes, unexpected so far south. Depending on the weather the olives are picked in January - if you would like to experience olive picking please inquire at your place of stay for possibilities.  


And then after a short winter, spring sets in again by february.